How a day at clinic works:

Wake-up at 6:00am, 6:30 (or 5:30 if you would like to run along the bay with Dr. Nick) to be ready for breakfast at the hotel around 7:00. Eat, have a brief meeting with the team and the bus leaves by 8:00. It is about a 40-45 minute drive, depending on the traffic, to the school where the clinic is held. We arrive and have a short devotional with one of the pastors from the church, get set up and let the triage begin! The guard at the gate lets about 20 people in at a time to fill out forms and essentially take a number. They wait underneath a tent until their name is called. Anne Marie and Omar are our stellar triage team. They ask what the complaints of the patients are and give them the number of a room where they would be best helped in. Options for treatment include OB-GYN, dental, optical, pediatrics, simple surgery, and general medicine. After they have received treatment everyone stops by the pharmacy for vitamins and any other prescriptions that may be right for them. At the end of the medical portion of the clinic they are invited into the sanctuary (the only air conditioned room) for a spiritual clinic or they can come right to me in the photo clinic. All of this together makes for a fun and long day.

The ladies and gentlemen who work at the church have been extrememly helpful to us. Not only do they bring us lunch and water when we may need it, they also bring us Colombian coffee. A few times a day they come around and give us some coffee in an espresso sized cup. Let me tell you somthing about this coffee! It is black, sweet, and perfect. You really only need a little at a time even though we would not mind getting it in a larger portion. They must add a bit of extra sugar to it so it is sweet to our taste buds.

Something that the Lord has been teaching a lot of us is being patient with our interpreters from Colombia. Many of the interpreters that help us are younger men who are extremely eager to practice and learn more of their English. There have been times when getting frustrated with your interpreter is easy to do because they are jumping to conclusions about a diagnosis or they do not know the specific medical term for a given situation. When we step back and look at the bigger picture it might be easy to see a situation where we may have hurt their feelings by asking a "more skilled" interpreter how to communicate something that they could not. What we are learning is to simply take a deep breath of the Spirit in and let grace and patience flow from us. Please pray that our patience would continue to grow as the week moves along.

Looking forward to day 3 of clinic tomorrow!


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