Greetings to our family and friends. Our trip down went fairly smooth.  What a difference in temps, 8 ° F in Chicago, when we left, 85° here in  Cartagena. Our medical supplies are held up at the aiport, between Customs and their equiv. of the IRS.  We are still waiting to get started, with promises that it will be resolved in an hour (it has already been several hours)

A few of us went for a run at 0600 this morning. The port area is very nice, a police officer every 100 yds as well as a Naval gun boat patrolling the harbor. There were many Colombians as well as visitors running, jogging, roller blading or just walking. It was great, only you had to keep your eyes open  for the el pero caca. ( apologize if my spelling is incorrect). The food of course has been great, especially the pescado ( fish).    Jim and Sheryl Wrass

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