Hello family and friends! We have safely arrived in Cartagena, Colombia. After a blustery bus ride to Chicago, a connecting flight to Fort Lauderdale, and one last jump to Cartagena we have arrived.

                Unfortunately we hit one bump in the road as we were trying to get the medical supplies through customs at the Cartagena airport. They basically said that we could not take them with us. Prior to leaving for our trip the leaders had documents in order to get the supplies and medicines through customs just as they had last year. Between the time the documents were sent and now, an election was held in Colombia and the government has changed. So the people at customs explained that the documents were no longer valid because of the change in government. At this very moment the leaders of our team are still in contact with the customs people at the airport and have every confidence that our medicines will be available to us sometime tomorrow.

                Although this may seem like a road block at the present moment, we know that God has a much bigger plan than we can see.  All of our trust is in Him and what a secure trust it is. We would appreciate prayers to help move this processes along quickly so that we can be well on our way to helping the people of Colombia.

                After roughly 16 hours of traveling by bus and air many of us are ready for some nice long shut eye in an actual bed.  Stay tuned to our blog for more updates tomorrow!

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