Everyday that we were in Colombia we saw people struggling through their illnesses who really needed our help. They came in always smiling and greeting us with a hello or good morning.  They brighten your entire day, they make you laugh and show you that there is truly good in people.  Then there are the people that help or assist you through your day at the clinical's.  These people are our translators and sometimes our personal assistants.   They communicate what you need with patients, other staff members, run printers, direct people where they need to go or just run errands for you while you are busy.  They are an intricate part of the team and many things cannot be accomplished without them.  It is important to have this connection with your team.  After the week at the clinic working with the same team you feel like they are your family.  Even though many times you do not understand each others language, ideas or thoughts, we are here for the same goal.  We have similar devotion to faith and good will to keep helping others.

The proximity of Colombia to the equator makes for very warm days and endless amount of sun.  Sun is beneficial to stay energized and continue to do Gods work.  Many of us in the North have Seasonal affective disorder, spending a week in continuous sun can give you a boost of hope and a sharpen focus to tackle task here in Colombia and when we go back to our work, stressful schedules and school.  We have to appreciate the people that God placed in our lives and continue down our path.  This can be in our goals for school, managing schedules, deepening our faith or following career goals.

We are very lucky to have this opportunity to explore our faith, give back to others and spend time getting to know others.  This area and the work we do is very special and I hope to come back next year and continue to serve others.

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