We started opening day with breakfast and group pictures outside the hotel.  We were eager to get to the clinic and start our mission.  Spirits were high and people were excited to learn what it meant to be on a clinical mission trip.  

Omar had to leave for Haiti on Tuesday so on the bus ride to the clinic he lead the morning devotion.  We arrived at the clinic greeted by a small line at the gate.  The team members were excited and hurried into the clinic.  We met our Colombia team and started to interact with each other to get to know the people around us that we will be spending so much time around. We got the whole team together both the American team and the Colombian team and took a large group picture.  I stood on a really tall ladder to get everyone in.  I had to lean back to make sure the whole group fit in to the picture. 

We had our morning prayer and we set out to get the day started.  The clinic had a few bumps along the way, some miscommunication and misunderstandings.  We helped 300 people and we all were exhausted. 

Whatever we expected to happen, did not happen.  It was clear that we cannot plan for everything.  Overall we had a wonderful first day and learned from Dr. Steve that the first day is like drinking water from a fire hydrant.  We think we know what we are doing and we have great plans but sometimes the need is greater than our understanding of the situation.  This taught us to take everything one step at a time and have grace in all we do.  Trust in yourself and when that fails trust in God, everything will be okay.

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