A wonderful lady came into the Clinic, she has been coming for years to this clinic.  This time it was very special.  She put on her nicest dress and carried a smile with her.  It was her 90th birthday. She touched the hearts of many of the team members.  One team member sang happy birthday and many other sat and talked with her.  She told me that she could not believe how young I looked for my age and how much children are a blessing.  She was eager to come back next year and hoped to see us the same time next year. 

It was wonderful to be able to chat with her for a while, not only because it was her birthday , but because how warm and loving she was.  We all live very busy lives, we loose track of time and never really sit and listen to each other.  I hope for everyone they can take 20 minutes out of their day sit, relax and have a cup of tea or coffee with someone, even if that person is unknown to you.

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