Every morning we show up to the clinic the lines get longer and longer and they start to form earlier and earlier each morning.  I take time out of the day to go outside to the line and greet, hug and speak with the people waiting outside in the line.  I try to connect with them on a level to hear their stories and make them feel welcomed.  Over the last few days I have meet so many new people and got to connect with them on a whole different level.  Levels that I never knew were possible.  I took pictures and tried to make their time waiting easier but it was much more than that I took time to hear them.  Hear about their problems and what they hoped for at the clinic.  The children were restless but a fist bump and a high five are universal in any language.  You cannot get a high five without a fist bump, it is like they go together. This makes the wait so much lighter, they are really helpful.  The lines are in the bright hot sun and many people wait in these lines for five or six hours.  The Colombian team takes them water and later when we are all finished eating they deliver the food to the people.  Many of the team members found this out and stopped taking their lunch because of a few reasons.  One, many of these people have not eaten in days.  Another reason is the team members want to help as many people as possible so they will work through lunch.  They get by without eating by bringing along snacks, or just eating two meals a day.  There are very long lines and many of them have been out in the hot sun for most of the day. 

Our Colombian team passes out fruit for a snack, some team members give their fruit away to someone who hasn't eat or share with them. This is a reminder that there are problems everywhere, when we see how long they have to wait, how far they have to come and the conditions that they wait in to see us it touches you on so many levels.  Instead of being upset, angry or frustrated they have grace and patience  to wait for treatment.  They greet you with a happy face and put you at ease, which allows you to be calm and be able to help them.  It makes you think about the overabundance that we have in our lives and find ways to give back.  This clinic is a calling, it has touched so many lives in so many ways.  We have built a reputation, and people are appreciative of our good work.  It also makes you think about how people act, with greed, impatience, frustration.  Also, how we have become an instant gratification society, while others are willing to wait because they know they are in good hands.  This is a lesson for all of us, not just the ones on a mission, we should take our time.  Life is not a race, getting a long to do list done will just mean another to do list to come the next day.  While we worry and rush our health suffers, our spiritual health suffers and our relationships suffer.  Working many days in a row and not taking time for ourselves leaves us feeling underappreciated and frustrated.  Take time for yourself during the week, start with five minutes a day. Take a walk, drink tea or coffee, light a candle and relax in silence, or sit with a friend. 

Life is not all about paying taxes and dying it is about the connections we make and the bonds that are formed 

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