We gathered together this Sunday with area pastors for a church service to meet and celebrate our faith.  The service started with beautiful songs and energetic voices.  The words to the songs were projected on a wall so we all could participate.  Singing along allowed us to come together and unite as a whole group.  The uplifting songs allowed us to feel energetic and brought us closer together. 

During the service Dr. Steve and the team was given recognition for all the work the team has done over the years.  We were encourage to sit with the Colombians and get to know the people we will be helping throughout the week. I started talking to a wonderful gentleman that was really happy about the work we have been doing.  He was eager to see us at the clinic and started telling me about his life in Colombia and a little history of the city.  Hearing the background of the area we are in and learning about the lives of the people we serve allows us to have a connection with other people of the world. 

People are people and a stranger is a person that we have not met yet.  We should encourage people to meet others in their area and learn about the people around us. Giving back to your community or other communities around the world fulfills many parts of one's life.  This love and compassion can be spread connecting us together making us feel joy and the need to make other feel wanted

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