Some of the team members went to lunch at a nearby McDonalds.  During the trip one person ordered a chicken sandwich but ended up with four orders of chicken dinners with four drinks, cheese fries a salad and a chicken sandwich.  Instead of complaining and bringing up to the employees the team member asked if anyone wanted to share the lunch.  Then when there was plenty left over the group suggested to give it to people who may have not eaten in the last few days. The recipient was overjoyed over the food and the team members felt happy that they made someone's day.  It is true that with God's grace we can all be thankful for mistakes in life and try to see the best possible outcomes that can happen.  We can even be the ones who will brighten up someone else's day.  With all the problems in the world we can be compassionate to others and see what joys of being patient and compassionate bring.

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