Friday night the group met at the church to depart for Chicago to catch a flight to Cartegena. You could see the excitement in the group.  Despite the cold, everyone help load the bus so the bus could leave on time.  The  bus left at 11 pm and we arrived at O'hare at 3:30 am.  When we arrived you could tell that many people in the group were starting to look tired, others were just getting up from a short nap on the bus.  We sat in groups on available seating.  Some in a wheelchair and others on the floor. When it came time to check-in to our lights the computer had a little problem scanning the first groups passports, but everything else ran smoothly. 

Before arriving in Atlanta people were nervous about the small window of time to get to the next gate to catch our flight to Cartegena; however, our gate was really close to our incoming gate so there was no problem. Our flight arrived in Cartegena we were hit with the warm tropical dense air of Colombia.  It felt great coming from such a colder climate.  The only mishap that we had was one of our group members is from Canada, when she came into Colombia they charged her 60.50 for her Visa.  They told her that the fee went back to the country of Canada. We arrived safely at the hotel and settled in. Some stayed in while others went into socialize.  God truly does fill holes and allowed our trip to arrive without any mishaps.

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