When I was growing up we had a very old playground set in our neighborhood.  We played on the set everyday.  The slides were rusty, the monkey bars had flakes of rusted metal that would fall off when we went to fast across them and when people complain they would throw a new coat of paint on the rust and call it a new playground.  Since then, the regulations for playgrounds have a high standard in the United States that we call acceptable for children to play on.

During an early morning walk/ run we came past a playground that reminded me of my childhood and maybe many others as well remember before we thought of the health impacts of things we keep in our lives or the lives of our children.  In the States we forget how we had it in the past until we see something that reminds us how we lived before regulations, safety and modern equipment. 

Mission trips remind us how others live their lives and how even a little goes a long way.  I believe we should be humble and help others when we can.

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