The two stories below go together.

It was around noon during our third day of clinic and the opthamology department had an organized, yet chaotic, group of people in the room and waiting in the waiting room. After seeing multiple children over the past few days I didn't think too much about a little girl coming in with her mother to get glasses; after all it was probably just a small perscription or maybe even another child wanting some glasses because some of their friends at school had gotten some. However, when I walked over to the girl to say hello and grab her triage paper I noticed a severe cataract in one of her eyes. After talking to her mother and asking her some questions I found out that the girl had been born premature (at 31 weeks) and had already undergone two separate surgeries (one for each eye). After checking her visual acuity I found that she had completely lost her vision in the eye with the severe cataracts and had extremely poor vision in her 'good' eye. She already had a pair of glasses but they were quite worn and not doing much good for her. I went over to the children's perscription eyeglass box praying that I would find something to help this sweet girl, but I must admit I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that I wouldn't find anything close to the perscription she needed. After grabbing the strongest glasses I could find, we tried on some of the weaker options of the bunch to which she said, "Muy borrosa. Muy borrosa." When I grabbed the strongest pair of the three that I had found I handed them to her expecting to hear that it was blurry again. But, to my surprise, her face lit up as soon as she looked at the chart on the wall in front of her. I asked, "Es claro? Sí?" And with a big smile on her face she exclaimed, "Sí!" After rechecking her visual acuity with the new pair of glasses we were all shown a miracle...this little girl could now see 20/20 out of her only good eye. When Mary Beth came to me and told me that Dr. Steve agreed that those glasses were the best fit for her, a huge feeling of joy came over me. Because of that one pair of glasses that had probably sat in that box for a couple years, this little girl was finally able to see God's magnificent creations in all of their glory. If this is what a career in medicine has in store for me, I can't wait for many more opportunities like this; where I can not only serve God, but also help his people. God is good!

-Ciara Neeb

Optical team has been rock solid. The story of the 31 week old baby... A miracle in itself who survived but ended up with a dense cataract in her left eye. Ciara found an incredible pair of glasses... -10.25 to provide her 'good' eye with 20/20 vision. Cai took over, adjusted her glasses with a lighter, pliers and ducktape for a 'comfortable' fit! God's synergy using people!

-MaryBeth Slezak

Attached is a picture of the optical team including some translators.

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