Below are some more stories from the team. Attached is a picture of Nancy with Little Richard.

Whew... Busy day 450 patients seen today !!!here you see some amazing doctors ,nurses, and up and coming nurses amazing interrupters!! Loving kind compassionate!! The people are so sweet grateful their stories melt your heart and yet there is joy!! Keep prayers coming my heart broke today as I heard story of 21 yr old women with nursing infant who only eats 1x a day, she fainted in line today dehydration and malnourished hopefully the church will continue to reach out to her and her family! I stuffed her today lol all food I could get my hands on haha

-Tammy Arlene

Little Richard was here and this year I actually met him. I had heard the story about him last year. I had him on my prayer list and did help for his care, so it was so wonderful to get a big hug and see his smile. Today he came back for another hug and a pair of sun glasses. He was so proud of them. Because of the school, he is being well cared for.

-Nancy Carolyn

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