As you might expect, the past few days have been very busy for all of us at the clinic. On both Tuesday and Wednesday, we were able to see over 400 patients throughout each day. It has been amazing to see the teamwork and joy in our team and the care we are providing to the patients. Angie (who is in the attached picture wearing scrubs) said that we are really emphasizing health education for the children this year, making sure they know how to use the toothbrushes and toothpaste they receive from us. Women's health education is being strongly emphasized as well, teaching women how to do self examinations and explaining what is normal for women to experience health wise.

The next few posts to the blog will consist of stories from this week as told by the person who experienced it so that you as readers can understand what is going on here a little bit deeper.

*Devos: *

The devotion on Tuesday for our group was titled “Dependence on God for Joy”. The Scriptures for the passage were Acts 16:16-40 and Philippians 4:4. In the Act’s Scripture, Paul and Silas are beaten and flogged and thrown in prison for healing a woman of demon possession. Even though they were in much pain and suffering, the Scripture goes on to say that Paul and Silas started “praying and singing hymns to God”. In their suffering, they were still able to rejoice. Why is that? Because of their faith in Jesus who brings deeply rooted joy to their souls.

The devotion for Wednesday was themed “Dependence on Jesus for Life”. The Scripture for this devotion was John 11:1-44, which is the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead. As many of you know, Lazarus dies early on in this passage. Lazarus’s sister Martha is saddened by his death but also understands that Lazarus will rise in the resurrection on the last day, as well as that Jesus can receive whatever He asks from God. Lazarus’s sister Mary on the other hand, asked Jesus why he didn’t save Lazarus when he could. Jesus wept for the sisters and friends in this moment. After being deeply moved by what was going on, Jesus goes to the tomb where Lazarus lay dead. Martha doesn’t seem to understand what Jesus is doing since Lazarus has been dead for four days now, in which Jesus replies “Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?” Jesus then raises Lazarus from the dead, calling him out of the tomb and having his burial wraps removed. Throughout this story, it might seem like Jesus is powerless or doesn’t seem to care for what is going on, but that really isn’t the case. Instead, Jesus is orchestrating every moment in this story for His glory and for the peoples spiritual redemption. Jesus calls all of us to put our faith in Him, so that though we may suffer and die physically in this world, we will have spiritual life everlasting with Him.

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