Below is one of the many stories Ashley has to share. I'll post each separately so you can see pictures with each one.

"The cap lady"

On the second day of clinic our interpreter, Ronald, asked me to save him the caps from water bottles. I had asked him why and he told me it was something about free chemotherapy and then we got busy and I didn't have a chance to ask him further. We put a bag on the wall to put caps in and started saving them for him anyways. Yesterday at clinic we have some time and I asked him why we were saving the bottle caps. He said that he was saving the bottle caps for children so they could get free chemotherapy. He said if you save 5000 bottle caps one child will get a free dose of chemotherapy. I announced this to the group On the bus ride back from the clinic yesterday. It was so amazing to see his eyes light up when I brought in a big bag of bottle caps for him today. I told him that I asked everyone on the mission trip to save their bottlecap so that we could help him help others get the medicine they needed. We currently have about a half of a gallon bag of plastic bottle caps and we will continue to keep collecting through clinic tomorrow. I hope we can fill the entire gallon bag before we leave.

Ashley Lorenzen

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