Below is another story from Ashley. Thanks for sharing Ashley!

"Muchas gracias"

While working in the pharmacy today Dr. Jeff came in and told me he needed 750 mg of IM Rocephin with lidocaine in it prepared and brought to med-peds. I quickly got my supplies went to the surgery department and mixed up the medicine. He told me to drop the medicine and bring it to Jodi as there was a child who needed it. When I arrived I did not know what I was in for. I walked into the patient's room and there was a child laying on his mother shoulder lethargic, not talking and not moving. We told the mom that when we gave the child the shot that he would likely cry and scream which actually was a good thing because then we knew that he was not too sick to cry. Once we give the child a shot he did just that he screamed and cried. After the shot was over I asked the mother if the child would like a blanket of his very own that was made by me (the blanket was actually made by one of my friends back in Wisconsin). The mother said that the child would really like the blanket so I went back to the pharmacy and got the blanket. When I brought the baby blanket back to the little boy he rolled over and smiled through his tears and promptly told me "muchas garcias". How amazing that a sick little boy would say thank you very much for a blanket.

Ashley Lorenzen

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