The past 24 hours in Colombia have been a very unique and enjoyable experience for us all. After landing in Cartagena our whole team was able to get through customs "faster than ever before" according to Twinky. It felt fast for all of us, though the humidity might have "slowed" us down a bit. After customs, our team divided up into two groups; the women minus Twinky took our personal luggage to the hotel while the men took the medical supplies to the school where the clinic will be set up. On the bus ride to the school, we really started to take in the surroundings. To one side was the beautiful water with massive fort foundations from the 1600's and to our left were small local shops and cafes galore. Everyone in the city was out and about whether it be on foot, motorcyle, or car. We finally made it to the school after a few quick u-turns and stopping traffic here and there. Right away the medical supplies were unloaded into a few of the different classrooms that will be used to see patients. We then enjoyed a quick cup of cafe (coffee) all around and went on our way to the hotel to join the rest of the group. We arrived at the very nice, historical hotel and settled in with the rest of the team. A few moments of quiet were enjoyed by all before it was time to eat our delicious supper on the hotel patio. Supper was great and served us all well. We then had our first team meeting conducted by Dr. Steve and Twinky. During the meeting we took time to share about ourselves amongst the group, talk about the coming week, and talk through the trip's theme; John 15 -dependence on Jesus in all things. After our meeting, some of the group went down the street to watch the Packer game (yes, we were able to convince a restaurant to turn on the game for us) while the rest stayed at the hotel. Soon enough, the night came and we all went to bed.

Attached is a picture of the school entrance area where the clinic will be held this week.

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