On Thursday, I came across a young 11 year old girl, who had basically fallen through the cracks in the education system. She was mentally handicapped and mom was unable to get her into school or any other programs to help her. For 11 years mom had carried around the guilt of thinking she had caused this because she had a fever while pregnant. She had never seen a doctor and no one had ever told her this was not her fault. Mom was trying her best to educate the daughter in her home.

I was so grateful to be able to tell her that she did not have to be guilty for this---it was neither her nor the daughter's fault. I was worried the daughter was falling into the wrong crowd as she had mentioned that. I was very active in trying to get her into a program for special needs children by asking Giovanni for his assistance. We prayed together and Giovanni gave her names of programs to look into and invited her into the church community.

I hope from all of this the daughter will be put into a program where she will be educated and socialized with other children her age. It is such a touching story to be involved in. I am thankful for Giovanni for his continued efforts to work with the family.


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