All I can say is WOW! When Dr. Caldwell asked me if I still had interest in going on the Colombia Medical Missions trip it was an easy, YES! I had always wanted to do something like this, but never knew where to go or how it all actually worked. Although, when starting this journey I had no idea what to expect, my friends have done medical missions trips in Africa and when I told them I was heading to Colombia they told me that it will be life changing; and boy, were they right!

On Wednesday an older gentleman came to us with an open wound that needed some debriding, the proper ointments and bandages, and a little TLC and it should heal up just fine. The gentleman, who later told us his name was Fabio, said he had been a very healthy man all his life until now. We told him we would be able to clean up the wound and get it bandaged, but we would need to use a little local anesthetic. He said he would like it done, but he was just so nervous and kept telling us over and over again how nervous he was. Dr. Nick then asked him, "How did you live this long if you are so nervous?" The gentleman replied, "Because The Lord is my best friend. He is always with me and I pray every minute of everyday. I love The Lord." I instantly had tears in my eyes. The sweetest man; all he wants is to be healthy and keep on living life through The Lord. He made it sound like life is so easy.

Meeting this gentlemen was just what I needed. Although, three years ago, when my best friend passed away, I realized that I couldn't take life for granted anymore and to make sure I live everyday to the fullest, this gentleman did just that, yet again! All he wants in life is to be happy and healthy. I wish all people could be just like him and have the same mindset.

I'm leaving Colombia with a different perspective than when I came; to make sure I always help those in need, show them kindness and love, live each day to the fullest, live each day through The Lord, and if there are questions or problems troubling me throughout life, all I need to do is pray. God can always find answers for us as to why we are put into certain situations.

I will forever remember this journey I started, my first medical mission trip. I will remember the strangers I took this journey with, who are now like family. I will remember all the wonderful helpers that got us through the week of clinic. And I will forever remember that gentleman; who just wanted to be healed. This is an experience I won't ever forget. I'm so thankful God has put me here to help all these wonderful people and truly try to help make the world a better place.


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