Optical seems to be our most popular department. The waiting area is usually overflowing with people in need of eye wear, and you can often hear laughter coming from inside the room. Dr. Steve had a patient yesterday with advanced pterygium (a wing of tissue growing across the cornea). It induced a stigmatism of 9 diopters with resultant vision of 2200, or legal blindness. The pterygium was approx 3mm from the visual axis and was very irritated. Surgery went perfectly with Nancy and Kelsey's assistance. The patient will be back on Friday for a follow up visit to see how this has improved her vision. It's been 57 years since Nancy was in surgery....such a wonderful opportunity to be part of something so important for this patient.

Pharmacy has been running very well. They are not experiencing bottlenecks like previous years. Bill may be lingually and medically challenged (lol) but he can count to 30.

Ped-Meds had a quiet day on Wednesday....much of the common and routine situations (and lots of it) were all done for the glory of God. "It's the small common things that make a big difference; not the dramatic, but the common," said Jeff M.

Orthopedics continues to do many steroid injections to give relief. For many patients, this is the only time each year that they are able to have an injection.

Dental had a patient on Wednesday with 12-13 rotten teeth. The pain he endured every day was so horrible that he used battery acid and some other chemicals on his teeth to take away the pain.

Surgical was visited by a special patient on Wednesday and Thursday. This patient comes a great distance from an island and has been returning to the clinic for 4 years. She has large growths on her ear lobes. The first year she visited the clinic we were unable to help her. When she returned year 2 the surgeons agreed to remove the growths on her right lobe and the growths on her left year would be removed year 3. Because these growths often recur, this year we removed another growth on her right year. It is such a blessing to be able to help someone. As Angelina has said many times, "To (whom) much has been given, much is required."

Our Day 4 morning devotional was about giving back to our Father all that He has given us. As Dr. Milan stated, "He is calling us to greater faith. He wants us 'all in', and this is way out of my comfort zone. One thing I have learned is that when you go 'all in' with Jesus, extraordinary forces are mobilized to your aid. He called us ALL together in a very special way to serve the poor of Cartagena, Colombia, and what a week of grace this has been."

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