I was told prior to coming on this trip that it would be life changing, but how life changing it truly was has been is amazing. Tuesday morning's devotion from Mr. Twinky (lol) talked about God choosing the most unlikely people to be His hands and feet and to represent Him and that God puts the most unexpected people in the most unexpected situations.

As the clinic started out that morning, I was assessing a beautiful little baby as Laurie (team mate/photographer) walked by with tears in her eyes she said, "The identical twin of holiness is love and that is what I see when I watch you care for that little baby, Kandise." That got me thinking more and more about God's purpose for us.

Shortly after this, I brought back a Mom and her 7yr old little girl. Mom had concerns about the little girl grinding her teeth at night, afraid to sleep in her room and afraid to be in the dark. After talking with Mom more she told me something terrible had recently happened with their family but she didn't want to say what. After talking more to Mom, she explained to me that the little girl's cousin was murdered in front of them in their home and since then the other family has been throwing rocks through their windows and threatening to kill them wanting to get revenge for the murder. My heart dropped as I felt this overwhelming sense of sadness. I couldn't imagine at 7 years old watching a family member murdered in your home and how Mom felt trying to protect her family. This was way beyond anything a nurse could help with. All I could think about was the devotion from the morning bus ride. God puts unexpected people in unexpected places to be His hands and feet.

I felt this sense of peace as I knew this was my time to spread the love of the Lord and pray with this family asking for God to send his guardian angels to watch over them. As tears filled both of our eyes, I knew this was God's plan for me today. It was God who put this family in my exam room today and it was God's plan for me to be their nurse!

Today was filled with laughter, smiles and tears, and for the first time in my life I followed my heart, followed God's will and felt like I truly was a child of God.


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