As we reflected of the days events over dinner, Twinky shared a letter received from a local neighborhood committee. The letter applauded the social sensitivity and good health campaigns that now exist in this community. This mission team has touched the needs of health services of children and older adults for the past 5 years. The committee formally requested us to help provide for a permanent healthcare facility for their community. How we respond to this request has yet to be determined. Please pray for wisdom in doing the will of our Father.

Twinky also reminded us that, "what God brought us here to do may have far reaching affects, and we may never know."

Michael addressed the concern about the reduced number of people visiting the clinic on Tuesday. It was thought that the prescreening may have deterred some people from going to the clinic because they weren't on the prescreen list. Pastor Giovanni personally went into the community to invite everyone to come to the clinic if they had a need. Wednesday morning when we arrived, there were more than 100 people waiting outside the clinic.

Tuesday was a roller-coaster of emotion for the team. There was joy, laughter, excitement, fatigue, sadness and heart-break. These stories are best told by those directly involved. Watch for them in an upcoming post.

Wednesday morning began with a devotion from Omar. Omar is the local Reach Global coordinator who helped set the ground work for this mission team in Colombia 5 years ago.

Omar reminded us that it's all too easy to have preconceived thoughts of who people are. Regardless if we just met someone or have known them for years, we think we know who someone is based on our thoughts. The same thing happened to Jesus. People thought they knew who He was, but they didn't. The best way to know who Jesus is, is to let Him tell us. Ask Jesus to reveal to you who He is.

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