Well, here we go… the final day in Cochabamba.

First thing this morning, we had the privilege of visiting the Compassion office in Cochabamba.  We were once again treated like royalty.  The visit was very enlightening and we met so many wonderful people on Compassion staff.  After a few of our team shared about their experiences and a former Compassion sponsored child told his story, the staff gave us a wonderful “snack”.

When we got back to the hotel, we had a delicious meal of pollo y carne de vaca (Chicken and beef).

After lunch, we had the amazing opportunity to drive up to the foot of the Christ Statue.  Despite the slightly terrifying and seemingly treacherous inclining drive, we made it up safely and really enjoyed our time at the beautiful masterpiece.

When we made it back down to level ground, our guides took us to a Bolivian market.  There were many beautiful things to see and buy, and some team members found some great deals, with the help of our AMAZING translators.

However, all too soon, it was time to say adios (goodbye) to the Freeman family, who joined us earlier, as well as our translators *sniff, sniff*.  I cannot express how incredible our translators were this week. I don’t think we could have blessed or been blessed by nearly as many people if we had to go by the muy pequeno (very little) Spanish most of us knew.  Thanks again, Evelin, Ana, Jacob, Peter, and Shirley (and many others) for all your help.  You will certainly be missed.

When the time came for us to catch our evening flight out of Cochabamba, we headed to the airport and hopped on a plane, bound for Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Although it was hard watching the city we all fell in love with fade behind us as the wheels left the ground, we knew that a little bit of our hearts had stayed below with the people and places we already missed.

We arrived in Santa Cruz around 8 pm.  Some people decided to head straight to bed, tired after a long day… week… of full and magnificent adventures.  Meanwhile, there were those who thought it might be nice to take a dip in the Sun Hotel outdoor pool.

This week has been so amazing.  I could never have hoped for more opportunities of seeing the love of God in action than I have on this trip.  Thank you all for your faithful prayer and support.  We hope to see you soon.

Chau, Chau, Hermanos!

(Bye-bye, brothers and sisters)

The Bolivia Team Bloggers (Dylan Shifflett and Elizabeth Smith)

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