Buen dia, hermanos!

(Good day, brothers and sisters)

Today was our final full day in Cochabamba *sigh*, and the last day with our kids.

At around 9:45 am, we were paired with our translators for the day.  After that, we left for the park around ten.  When we arrived, we waited at the gate of the park for the Compassion staff to call our names.  When your name was called you would go out into a field of grass and meet your sponsor child(ren).  The rest of the day was spent playing, talking, riding rides, and eating ice cream with your kid(s) and
their family(s).

When the time came for us to leave, many hugs and kisses were exchanged and many happy-sad tears shed.

Back at the hotel, we had to say adios (goodbye) to our wonderful translators *sniff*.  After that, the team split into a couple of groups and ventured out to explore different parts of downtown Cochabamba.

After the brief walks, we joined together again and headed back to Paprika for another delicious Bolivian meal.

When dinner was done, we walked back to the hotel and met on the roof for worship, devos, debrief, thanksgiving, prayer, and more music.

The day was full and amazing.  Once again, we are astounded at the beauty of these people and we will all miss them dearly.

Dios te bendigo.

(God bless you)

The Bolivia Team Bloggers (Dylan Shifflett and Elizabeth Smith)

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