Buenos noches, amigos! (or as some like to say, “buenos nachos”)

(Goodnight, friends!)

This morning was packed.  While some of our team hauled 800 bricks for the wall on the new church building, a few of us went to visit the mothers and young children at the church office.

After our morning adventures, we were once again fed a wonderful meal at the main church project.  We enjoyed a traditional Bolivian dish, called “Pico Macho” (Basically beef, fancy hotdogs, French fries, and gravy).

When we finished our prolonged farewells, we headed out to the new project the church is trying to start in the mountains.  We spent twenty minutes walking and praying in the village.  After that, we started back towards the hotel for some much needed rest.

However, that did not last long! :)

Around five thirty, the team hopped on the buses and road for about half an hour to have dinner with the GAP program students.  GAP is a branch of Compassion that focuses on youth ages 18-22 (ish).  The program teaches leadership principles as well as basic life skills the students will need in the future.

The evening was absolutely amazing! The students in the program had prepared several songs and games for us all to play together.  With our team and the students and staff combined, there were probably close to 60 people there.  When we finished eating, they presented us with more gifts.  One of the students had made some pastries and everyone on our team got a beautifully beaded bracelet.  We are so abundantly blessed by the people here who give simply for the pleasure of seeing our smiling faces.  There were a lot of laughs, hugs, and even a few tears.  The students were so beautiful and their hearts were so full of love for the Lord.  It was hard to leave, but we had a marvelous evening and made so many deep connections in such a short time.

Thank you all your prayers and support.  We can’t wait to see you, but it will be so hard to leave these beautiful people.

Hasta manana, hermanos!

(See you tomorrow, brothers and sisters!)

The Bolivia Team Bloggers (Dylan Shifflett and Elizabeth Smith)

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