Hola, hermanos!

(Hello, brothers and sisters!)

This morning we arrived at the second project greeted with beautiful music, faces, and hearts.  The hospitable staff welcomed us with open arms and cheerful smiles.

After we were introduced to the project by the beautiful director, Sister Veronica, the sisters and brothers from the church played some wonderful music and everyone was touched by their sincerity.

When the welcoming ceremony was finished, the team had the privilege to speak with some of the mothers and play with their hijos (children).  After that, the cooks whipped up a marvelous “snack” (think three course dessert) and shared more about the project and how the children are taken care of.

As soon as we finished the “snack”, we had the immense privilege to visit three homes of families from the church who offered us a complete and filling meal.  All the families were so warm and friendly.

When we got back to the project we swung full force into another session of VBS.

After the VBS, the team gathered in the chapel, waiting for the staff to speak to them.  As we were waiting, someone had a small ball and threw it across the room at another team mate.  Instantly, everyone jumped on board the crazy train and soon a full-force catch-icebreaker-dance-party game erupted within the group.  Even our esteemed Pastor Brian participated (Man, that guy can dance!  Who knew?)

When the silliness finally got under control, the director, the pastors, and staff gave some very heartwarming and spiritually encouraging speeches about what God has done through their church.  After they finished, we were once again blessed with many, many handmade, wool gifts.  As always they were beautiful.  But nothing could match the beauty of the hearts of our hosts.

When we arrived back in downtown Cochabamba, we had a delightful steak dinner at a local restaurant before heading back to the hotel for a short time of worship, debrief, and team devotions.

Muchos gracios por tu rezos.

(Many thanks for your prayers.)

The Bolivia Team Bloggers (Dylan Shifflett and Elizabeth Smith)

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