In one short week, a team from Woodlands will be traveling to Cochabamba, Bolivia to experience, minister to, and learn more about the Bolivian culture and how Compassion International is releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name in that country.  

Since you are here, would you join us in praying for this team?  

Meet some of the members below:


Jen Adams

Occupation:  Domestic engineer (a.k.a. wife and stay-at-home mom) and homeshooling "teacher" extraordinaire!    :)

Important people in my life:  Chris, my hubby of 17 years, and our children, Brie (14), Jadyn (12) and Isaac (10).  

Believes in:  Salvation by grace through faith alone.  Oh that amazing grace that saved a wretch like me!  I also believe in the importance of having a community of "faith friends" to do life with. 

In Bolivia I hope to: Be an instrument of God, used in any way He chooses according to His purposes for my life.  I hope to give all He wants me to give, receive all He wants me to receive and grow in all the ways He wants me to grow through this experience.  I hope to make great bonds and lasting friendships with my teammates.  I hope to meet my sponsored son, Benjamin, and our daughters' sponsored daughter, Jhenifer.    

Brie Adams

Occupation:  9th grade homeschooled student

Important people in my life:  parents, siblings, friends

Believes in:  the cross of Jesus Christ and the life-changing news of the Gospel

In Bolivia, I hope to:  share the good news of the Gospel, spend time with children, and learn more about Compassion International! 




Jeff Galbraith

Occupation:  Civil Engineer

Important People in my life:  My wife Ann, my daughter Hannah (25), son Caleb (21) and son Jacob (18).

Believes in:  The loving conviction, guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

In Bolivia, I hope to:  Express my deepest heartfelt appreciation to the staff who serve within the Compassion International organization and seize any and every opportunity to support and serve them.


Yvonne Pagels

Occupation:  Postal Worker

Important people in my life:  husband, David, sons Jon, Dan, Joe, and Dylan and my wonderful daughter in laws.  My daughter Elizabth. And my 7 grandchildren. Family & friends 

Believes:  Trusting God's plan for our lives and knowing His plan is perfect and has purpose even though we don't always understand. 

In Bolivia,  I hope to:  See God's amazing hands at work in the relationships we form both with each other and the kids and staff of Compassion. I also long for God to be my anchor and to quiet the storms of my life. Be still and know I am God. 

Don Smith

Occupation:  Director of Continuous Improvement/Master Black Belt at Aspirus Inc.

Important people in my life:  My wife, Debbie, my children, Donnie, Elizabeth, and Ben, extended family, coworkers, friends.

I believe in:  Redemption, grace, good and evil, quality time with family, and living on mission.

In Bolivia, I hope to:  Connect with God and my children, serve the people in Bolivia and my team, meet and connect with our family's sponsored children.

Donnie Smith

Occupation:  High School student, Program Leader at Boys and Girls Club

Important People:  Mom and Dad, my sister Elizabeth and brother Ben

I believe in:  Love, peace, grace, Jesus

In Bolivia I hope to:  experience a different part of the world, get to know Bolivian people

Elizabeth Smith

Occupation:  Student, babysitter

Important people in my life:  My family, the kids I invest in. my friends,

I believe in:  The love and redemption of Christ. compassion for others, and surrendering oneself completely to the Lord's will.

In Bolivia, I hope to:  Grow spiritually, wholeheartedly serve others, and stretch myself outside of my comfort zone.

Ross Solverud

Occupation:  office worker at Sentry Insurance.

Important people in my life:  family of course; wife Vicki & daughters Kristen & Jessica; Jessica's husband John & their baby Everett.

Believes in:  the Lord; living a quiet life.

In Bolivia, I hope to:  gain a better understanding and appreciation for Bolivian culture, and serve both the people I'm with and those I meet.

Vicki Solverud

Occupation: Homemaker, chief cook and maintenance

Important People: Ross my husband, Oldest daughter Kristen, Youngest daughter Jessica Archer, her husband John and first grand baby "Everett" !!!! Also Ross's mom = Gram.

Believes in: God loved me so much that He sent His son to die for me! God is always in control and in my weakness He is strong and receives the glory! :) We cannot out give the Lord!

In Bolivia: I hope and pray that the light of Jesus will shine through me in all I do there. I hope to learn more about Compassion and their work. I am anxious to meet Cristain, our sponsor child and his family and encourage them all to grow in Jesus with the help of the local church. I hope to hug and play with some of Gods precious children there! Lastly, I am anxious to see if Bolivia ice cream is as great as Wisconsin ice cream!

There are more bios to come.  Stay tuned.  Please be praying for this team as they embark on an amazing trip!

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