In November 2014, Woodlands Church in Wisconsin Rapids had Compassion Sunday. Although I already sponsored a child through Compassion I knew that I had to sponsor another. After Church services that Sunday tables were lined with children that needed sponsoring. All it took was a look at those big brown eyes. It seemed that he was looking right at me. I selected him that day.

In December I was blessed to be chosen as part of the mission trip to Bolivia and I so hoped and prayed that I would be able to meet at least one of the children. As it turned out I would be able to meet Jhonny and on March 5th that dream became a reality. We were at the compassion site and were told that we needed to walk to the homes of the children but to my surprise Jhonny and his mom greeted me at the road as we were leaving! I recognized him instantly! I gave him and his mother a hug and we started walking to his home that he shares with his 5 siblings and parents At first he looked down at the road and would not hold my hand but by the time we got to his home he was willing to sit on my lap. He had tootsie rolls for the first time and loved them (he would not leave his moms side where she stored the candy in her pocket) His mother fed us a delicious meal of potatoes and cheese which in itself showed how grateful she was for our visit as the parents have to work many hours just to feed and clothe their children.

He remained shy during the visit but the mother stated that he is definitely not shy and loves to run. I was so honored to spend time with he and his mother. They gave back to me so much more that I can ever imagine. I can't wait to be with him as he grows into manhood


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