I had the privilege of accompanying Dana to her home visit, to visit her sponsored child, Leonel, and his parents. The event was very surreal, and couldn't have been more perfect if it was scripted. We met Leonel at "the project" and walked to his house with his mom, Maria. The initial visit was full of hugs and the biggest smiles possible, then it was on to questions. The conversation began in a lighthearted fashion, then became more personal, surrounding dreams and some personal difficulties. It became obvious that Dana's sponsorship had made the world of difference to this young family. Through tears, Maria described how she had learned so much about how to raise her child, and was now learning about how Jesus had so much more love for her than her less than perfect human father. This new understanding has made such a huge difference in her life and has a new trust in God which has caused her to be seeking God on a whole new level. The finale was sweet as Dana took off her own necklace and put it on Maria, explaining that God is her rock, and that He will never let her down. Lots of hugs and pictures and tears and smiles that displayed perfectly the love of Christ ended the day. Another miracle. Thank you God! Todo gloria a Dios

de Doug

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