I had thought that Compassion International projects were just for young, needy children who, once they finished High School, were "done". Here in Cochabamba, we learned that there is much more to what Compassion does, including the "GAP" program which involves students who are transitioning to higher education. We had the privilege of having a pizza night with a group GAP students. At my table we were able to get ot know Misal, a young man about to begin his second year of university level studies in a civil engineering program that will last 5 years. What a gracious, mature, well polished, hard working Christ-followere he is! He is the youngest of 2 children whose father abondoned their mother, older sister and him at an early age. He has had no information about his father since he was 11 years old, but as a child sponsered in a Compassion project, he received the nurturing and help that have contributed to his becoming the responsible and dedicated young man that he is today. What a testimony to the work that takes place in a Compassion project, and to how God works in the lives of children like him. As a GAP student, he receives additional leadership training and opportunities to help at the project with the younger children. He himself is looking forward to the day when he will be able to sponser a child just like the Candian couple who sponsered him. What is so encouraging is to see that Compassion really works. Misal is a shining example of what all these children can become.


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