Tonight we experienced the postcard side of the Bahamas. The Atlantis resort is absolutely stunning and its beauty wasn't wasted on our team. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the aquarium and most of all the Junkanoo. Junkanoo??? Think of the most fun parade you've ever been at and add some Bahamian've got Junkanoo. And even after spending a week with the team you learn new things with every experience...these Midwest kids got some rhythm! They danced it up with the Junkanoo folks and then we went and participated in the post-Junkanoo prayer.

Team Time tonight had everyone wrestling with the massive difference between the conditions they have been serving in all week and what they just experienced at Paradise Island. I just love it when you see perspectives being challenged that 10 days ago would never have been an issue for much of the team. God is pretty cool that way! 😄

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