At Woodlands Church we are forming more small groups than ever for the upcoming school year and it's going to be a wonderful step forward. But what do we do in our groups, what do we shoot for? Our goal is TEAMS and each letter stands for a key element of Christian community. In this first installment on TEAMS, Pastor Brian Berg hits T, E, and A:

Truth - our Life Groups will center on God's Word, humankind's ultimate source of truth. 

Engage - Reading God's Word, as wonderful as it is, does not automatically produce a great result as the Parable of the Four Soils shows us. We must engage with what God says.  This is an especially enjoyable experience in a small group where everyone's walk with God, experience and point of view can contribute to engaging with what God is saying. 

Application - Nothing like a team to help us all do the right thing. And, none of what God wants of us can be done alone anyway.


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