Working (the W of how Christ-centered people F.L.O.W.)

Work is not a four-letter word. It is a blessing from God. It is what God himself is doing continually (good thing!). 

God wants us to work hard and faithfully for His glory, embracing his primary assignments to us in our vocation, family and in the church.

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Loving Others (the L of how Christ-centered people F.L.O.W.)

It's a myth: "Just Jesus and me, that's all I need."

You can't be close to the Lord and happily distant from the Church, your Christian family, or even your own family. For some, "Christian Lone Rangering" is a convenient lifestyle because loving others is ... messy. But from God's point of view, loving others is a glorious mess. Time to dive in!


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Home Team

A large church body that meets in homes started as early as the church itself started. Yes the Jerusalem church met in the temple courts at the onset, but also house to house. Paul writes to the church in Rome to pursue hospitality, and even says a test of a good church leader is what kind of host they are.  Wherever the church is known, we have a reputation for our open homes. This is the place we show our stuff, live our stuff. Here at Woodlands we call these groups Life Groups.

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Pastor Jonathan Whitford says 'good bye'

After seventeen years of fruitful ministry in many areas here at Woodlands Church, Jonathan and his family have been called by the Lord to begin again at a smaller church in North Dakota,  where they are growing faster than they can manage. May God bless him in this new chapter! 

The M. and S. of TEAMS

Our Life Groups will know when they are on track when we are living out TEAMS. Last week Pastor Berg explained the T.E.A. elements of centering on God's Truth, Engaging with Scripture, Applying it... and now in this installment, we discover that Life Groups exist to facilitate individual and group Ministry and provide Support for the health of the small group members.


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The T.E.A. of TEAMS

At Woodlands Church we are forming more small groups than ever for the upcoming school year and it's going to be a wonderful step forward. But what do we do in our groups, what do we shoot for? Our goal is TEAMS and each letter stands for a key element of Christian community. In this first installment on TEAMS, Pastor Brian Berg hits T, E, and A:

Truth - our Life Groups will center on God's Word, humankind's ultimate source of truth. 

Engage - Reading God's Word, as wonderful as it is, does not automatically produce a great result as the Parable of the Four Soils shows us. We must engage with what God says.  This is an especially enjoyable experience in a small group where everyone's walk with God, experience and point of view can contribute to engaging with what God is saying. 

Application - Nothing like a team to help us all do the right thing. And, none of what God wants of us can be done alone anyway.


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It is not good to be alone


In this series we are taking a fresh look at two components of the good future that God desires for every person and what it looks like to align our lives with that future.

God wants community, for himself and for us. The personal relationship he wants with us is not exclusive. He proposes we 'group up.' This is called The Church. This is not just a good way to do things, it is The Way to enjoy Him his way, and contribute effectively to his kingdom.

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