Pastor Brian Berg




1) The TT principle




2) Live with an E_______________ P_______________




3) TT #1       H_______________




4) The priority of TT  #1





5) The act of transfer





       Sermon Based Questions for April 23, 2017


Transferable Treasures



Questions for small groups:


1.    The big idea of this whole series is living with an eternal perspective.  What helps you to do that?  What makes that difficult?


2.    What are some benefits of living with an eternal perspective?


3.    What are some pitfalls of living without one?


4.    How would you describe the “transferable treasure principle” that was talked about in the sermon to someone?


5.    When you think of God rewarding us in heaven, for our acts of faithfulness here, what do you imagine?  Can you think of passages of the Bible that would support your thoughts?


6.    Why is the heart the priority treasure that we must transfer? 


7.    The Bible commands us to guard our heart with all diligence (Proverbs 4:23).  What are some practices that have helped you to do that?


8.    What helps to identify “heart problems”?


9.    How does having a good or pure heart lead to eternal reward?


10. What one thing would you like to do differently or better in response to this week’s message?



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