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  Hebrews 11

                                       FAITH:  What it is & What it does

What it is:

Def.  Taking God…


Heb 11:1:  Now faith is ____________________ of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see. 


“Faith is the substance of things hoped for; it is the foundation upon which they are brought into being; it is a confident attitude toward those things God has promised; and it is the guarantee that gives us a sure possession even now.”  


What it does:

A)  FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of…










C)  FAITH gives us CONFIDENCE in…








Sermon Based Questions for March 26, 2017

“Rock Solid” A Study of Hebrews

Chapter 11

“FAITH: What it is & What it does”


1.     How would you define FAITH?


2.     Why is it so hard to live as a person of faith today? 


3.     How do circumstances tend to influence our faith?


4.     Enter into one of the great stories:  Noah, Abraham, Moses or Joshua.  What would it mean to live out faith given their circumstances?


5.     How has your faith been strengthened through the crucibles of life?


6.     Where does your faith gain confidence, particularly when life is hard?  What

promises of God do you tend to hold on to?


7.     Great stories of faith are still being written.  Do you have one you’d like to share?


8.     How do you need to be encouraged today? 


9.     Is there someone you need to encourage today?


Extra Credit:


1.     Why does the author briefly include the series of people from Isaac to Jacob to



2.     Why does Rahab make the “Hall of Faith”?  What can we learn by this example?



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